Why are Music and Dancing not allowed in Islam? by Dr Zakir Naik

good evening my name is Nicola I’m adental student now my information of ourIslam is really less or whatever I knowis because of my friends my question isI’ve read this poster they say thatmusic and dances like not accepted inIslam why is that I mean you cannot sayit’s generally also you can you knowlisten to music or singing or dance orwhatever or you cannot just say likeonly for parrot not young or for anyform of dance we have music in generalmusic also we have you when you praiseGod when you show your emotions why isit said the newzik and answer is not aloved just as a question that why is itin Islam that music and dance areprohibited first I come to music then Igo to the dance as far as music isconcerned a blob at Party masala Salamsaid that the musical instruments as ageneral rule they are private inaccepting a permission for the Duff thatthe one sided open drum called as Duffor dolly besides that the Prophetprohibited because if you analyze ittakes a person away from the remembranceof allah subhanaw taala from theremembrance of Almighty God that is thereason when we hear these you know filmsong whether it be Hindi maybe Mele Alior time wheel or whatever it is you findthat in these film songs most of thewords that are mentioned they are faraway from reality you know the herotells the hero in my violet chance ortequila Ganga matha – italics or tequilaGanga I’ll get the moon for you I’ll getthe star for you we know it’s notpossible no man can get the star of themoon for his lover but yet we keep onrepeating because of the ambiencebecause of everything so because of thisgeneral rule is that the music does takea person away from Allah subhana WATa’ala that is that is in a belovedprophet private and musical instrumentsexcept for DAFo as generally with your voice forexample when a person recites the Quranif you decide is a Quran his voice isgood that’s permitted because that takesa person towards allah subhanho wa taalathe musical instruments along in thebackgroundto create a different ambience otherwisesinging per se it is moba optional aslong as the words of the song they takeyou towards your create allah subhanawtaala if the words of the song take youaway from allah subhana wa ta’ala eventhat type of song is prohibited now comein the second partwhy is dancing rabbited there is noverse in the quran oh no hadith that Iknow of which says dancing per se isHaram but normally because people danceto show to the other people you know wehave dance performance on the stagewhereas we Bharata Natyam now is earningBharat Natyam on the stage and thousandsare watching you so normally in terms ofthe hijab reason we wouldn’t like toexpose our ladies our mothers oursisters our daughters on the stage andthousands of people looking at them soany profession in which the body is usedas a show after entertain the people itis prohibited that is the reason dancingin public or dancing in parties where weopposite sex mixing many a time therules of dancing they conflict with therule of the Islamic sharia normally whenyou have a dance you have pairs male andfemale and most of these pairs that thegirlfriend/boyfriend and you dance infront of other peopleso because it breaks the system ofIslamic hijab that the reason per say itis prohibited because it goes again inthe system of a job so you have torealize that many a times when you danceyou dance in public you go out forparties and you move around otherwisewith your device you can do what youwant as long as it doesn’t go againstthe Sharia alone in closed doorshusband and wife what they want to do aslong it does not go again is the rulesof the Quran and say hadith there’s noproblem but because most of the timedancing exploits the body it includessinging dancing you go on the stage andother people are watchingso itthe rules of Sharia of the hijab and wecan hear my videocassette women’s rightsin Islam modernizing outdated whichthese in detail why do we Muslimsprotect why do we love why do we Reverea woman for because we love our womenthat is the reason to protect them andwe don’t want to exhibit them that thereason professions which involvessinging in public or dancing or modelingthese professions are prohibited for alady hope the answer the question

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