Read Translation of Quran in Language Best Understood – Dr Zakir Naik

if you read the Quran it will surelybenefit you in this world as well as thehereafter you read the Quran if youdon’t know Arabic read the Quran in thelanguage you understand if youunderstand English read it in Englishthe language you understand the best ifyou understand or do we didn’t or do ifyou understand hindi really hindi if youunderstand French really in French ifyou understand German really in Germanyou read it in the language youunderstand irrespective whether you readthe English translation the will dotranslation then in the translation theFrench translation or German translationat least read the translation of theglorious quran so that you canunderstand the message of your CreatorI’d like to give an example suppose avery close friend of yours who’s aGerman he comes from Germany and hespends a couple of weeks with you inBombay he being a German he can’t speakEnglish fluently but he can conversewith you he spends a couple of weeks inBombay and even he goes back to Germanyhe writes to you a letter in Germanbecause he cannot speak English fluentlyhe can write English fluently so hewrites to you a letter in German nowwhen you get that letter in German youdon’t understand German what will you dobut naturally because he’s a closefriend you will have that lettertranslated you will want to know whatdid your good friend tell you fromGermany you will have that latertranslated don’t you want to know whatis the message the last and finalmessage given by a creator la semanavittalayou don’t have to go in translate theQuran the Quran al hamdulillah hasalready been translated in the majorlanguages of the world

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