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Privacy Policy

When you utilize our service, you believe us regarding your information. We understand its a great responsibility and we work hard to protect your information and to keep everything under your control. The purpose of this privacy principle is which information we collect, why we collect it and help you understand how you can update, conduct, export & delete your information.

We make security along with our service for the well protection of your information. Firm security feature remains with GuruttoPurno which ensures your well protected information regularly. The insight we achieve from our service preservation always helps to identify any risk regarding well protection and block from itself before reaching you. And if we identify something risky and if it seems to us that you should know about that, then we will inform you and will help you apply the policy to be furthermore well protected.

We work hard to extend well protection to GuruttoPurno and our users from the intruding access, changing, disclosing or destroying of our belonging information. For example:

  • We use encryption to keep your data secret during travelling.
  • We offer security trait like Safe Browsing, Security Checkup, and 2 Step Verification etc to help you protect your account well.
  • We review realistic security management as well as our collection of information, preservation and methods of processing to prevent against intruding access amongst our systems.
  • In order to process our personal information, we keep information access limited among those who need information access and who are activists, contractors and agents of GuruttoPurno. The person who has got this access has to abide by this strict security contract & if he fails to fulfil these responsibilities, he has supposedly to be disciplinarian or he may be suspended.

To communicate with you: To communicate with you directly, we use our collected information namely E-mail ID. For example, if we are able to identify any suspicious activity such as to try to Sign-in in GuruttoPurno account from an abnormal position, we may send you a notification or we can inform you about the imminent change or development of our service. And if you communicate with GuruttoPurno, to help you solve any sort of problem, we will keep a record of your request.

We will want your consent if we use your information earlier in such a purpose which is not included in this privacy principle.

Our ethics play a vital role to keep up the positive experience for you and the readers. Please abide by this instruction. We can often change our ethics. So, please you would visit us. Our belief is that if embargo is imposed on the publication of content, it will hurt the rights of the freedom of speech. consequently, we have kept those limitations which obey lawful obligation and help to improve our service altogether. If you want to publish your written content, you will abide by the mentioned conditions and write down the content as perthes conditions.

The conditions to write down the content are applied below.

  1. Content will have to be written in bangla language.
  2. We only recommend those contents which are beneficial or harmful for mankind. In one word, they will have to be related with life at any rate.
  3. Any content of joke, story, song, poem, imagination, bogus story, tale etc fabricated with humour and fun will not be acceptable.
  4. Any content related with physique & life of human indicating real, true, right, daily occurrence, possible task, success, failure, problem, solution, benevolence, harm, good, bad etc will be published with importance.
  5. Written document must be completed, in complete writing will not be allowed.
  6. The topic in which you will write the content will have to have coherence with Post title, Compose, Tags & image.
  7. If the topic in which you will write the content has no coherence with Post title, Compose, Tags & image will not be acceptable.
  8. Every Tags must be written in Bangla and those Bangla Tags should be written in Phonetic English compulsorily. Example:
  9. Write content cautiously so that no spelling mistake is found. If spelling mistake is found, the content will not be accepted.
  10. Content will have to be written following copyright law of Google.
  11. To attach obscene and naked picture of female & male with the content is out and out prohibited.
  12. Writing content with regard to politics is altogether prohibited.
  13. Writing content with any religion is prohibited.

Please keep in mind, our experts will evaluate very content. If your contents follow our ethics, they will be published. And if your contents do not follow our ethics, they will be deleted. GuruttoPurno is a service of exchanging thought, expressing personal opinion and exposing freedom of speech. We think GuruttoPurno is widening the realization of information, making room for rational debate and creating new connection with man to man. As a result, there are some limitations on the post of content through GuruttoPurno.

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