Modi sends Envoy to Dr Zakir Naik for Safe Passage Back to India.

assalamo alaikum wa rahmatullahi Brocatowith peace mercy and blessings ofAlmighty God beyond all of you in thelast 24 hoursI and my PR have been approached byschools of journalists and media housesregarding the statement made by shakyasArkady a renowned ID from USA on hissocial media accounts regarding myselfwhether these statements are true or notthree half months before the Indianofficials they approached me for aprivate meeting with a representativefrom the Indian government and when hecame to Putrajaya in the fourth week ofSeptember 2019 to meet me he said thathe is coming after personally meetingand under the direct instructions of thePrime Minister of India Narendra Modiand the Home Minister of India Amit Shahand he said that he wanted to remove themisconceptions and the miscommunicationthat is there between myself and the newnormal and he wants to provide me a safepassage to India I thought that imaginethe same BJP government which hounded mefor the last three and half years thesame person the Prime Minister of IndiaNarendra Modi who used my name no lessthan nine times in a span of less thantwo minutes in his election speech inMay 2009 teen now they are barteringwith me for a safe passage it’s toostraight to be true and he said that hewould like to use my connections tobetter the relationship between Indiaand they are the Muslim countries and Isaid that as long as we do not ask me todo anything against the teachings of theglorious quran against the teachings ofthe SE hadith and secondly I’d not wantany personal benefit and lastly as longas it benefited the Muslim UmmahI have no problem with cooperating withyou and the meeting lasted for severalhoursand then he told me that he wanted me tosupport the BJP government when theyrevoked article 370 in Kashmir and Iflatly refused I said according to meand her walking article 370 in Kashmirif unconstitutional and it is takingaway the rights of the people of KashmirI cannot support an act of injustice andneither can i betray the people ofKashmir and when he realized that I willnot support any act of injustice he saidthat he has no problem even if I speakagainst any agencies of India whether itbe the NI whether it be the IDI whetherit be the police but I should notspecifically speak against the BJPgovernment and against Narendra Modi andI told him that according to me the nithe IDI they are not to blame they arejust following their political bossesand they’re being forced to do whatthey’re doing and I am NOT here to speakagainst any government I’m a dye orspraying the message of Islam as long asthey do not do injustice to the humanbeings and to Muslims why should I speakagainst them and lately on the 17th ofDecember 2019 I gave a press statementagainst CAAthe citizen Amendment Act and which waspublished in the media when I heardstatements and I saw on the videostatements of many Muslim leaders inIndia when they are openly andcompletely supporting the BJP governmentwhen they revoked article 370 in KashmirI thought to myself how can a Muslim whohas the basic knowledge of Islam do thissome of them supported then are seen SMsome went to the extent of saying thatNRC should be done throughout India nowI realize that these Muslim leaderssurely may have been blackmailed mayhave been pressurized may have beenforced to support the ingest BJPgovernment otherwise face direconsequences I have a message for theMuslims of India it is noble to speakagainst injustice but if you fear abacklash and you afraid the least youcan do is keep quiet but supporting andin just act is an Islamic you arebattering your seat in Jannah for yoursecurity in the mirror Allah faith inthe glorious quran in surah az-zumarchapter 39 was – 36 is not Allah enoughfor a servant but yet they frighten youwith others besides him war Odawa andfrom the rebel army

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