Importance of Reading the Quran with Understanding – Dr Zakir Naik

alhamdulillah wa salatu was-salam alarasulillah Varla Ali wasabi H min I’m mybad I was a billahi min ash-shaitanirajeem bismillah ar-rahman rahim welllook at the eternal Quran Allah decreefahan me Monica rubbish Holly sorrywhere’s Celia Marie what I looked at melasagna Coco Lee my respected elders andmy neighbors and sisters I welcome allof you with the Islamic greetingsas-salam-o-alaikum what Allah HuberKhartoum may peace mercy and blessingsof allah subhana wa taala of AlmightyGod beyond all of you the topic of thisevening talk is al-quran should it beread with understanding the gloriousquran is the last and final revelationof Allah subhana WA Ta’ala of AlmightyGod which was revealed to the last andfinal messenger prophet muhammad peacebe upon him the glorious quran is themost positive book in the worldit is a proclamation to humanity it is afountain of mercy and wisdom it is a guytrip airing it is a warning to theheedless and assurance to those in doubtit’s a solace to the suffering and it isa hope to those in despair how is itpossible to derive all these benefits ofthe Quran without reading the quran’without understanding the Quran withoutpondering over the meaning of the Quranand without implementing the Quran inyour life alhamdulillah the gloriousquran is the most widely read book inthe world but unfortunately it is alsothe book which is most widely readwithout understanding because themajority of the Muslims read the quran’without understanding that’s the reasonthe contact the benefit that the Muslimsderive from the Quran it has decreasedthe touch of the Muslims with the Quranhas declined imagine if a person comesto the Quran and he goes awayempty-handed hearts untouched sold andmoved and the life unchanged what atragic misfortune it is Allah says inthe Quran in surah al-imran chapter 3verse 10 hundred ten contemn cara Omatano credit Lina’s o Muslims he are thebest of people the world for mankindmeruna bill Maru FIFA 10 Hoonah animalkarenina billah because we enjoin whatis good and we forbid what is wrong andwe believe in Allah Allah is calling usthe Muslims the Kurama the best ofpeople evolved for humankind and thereason is giving us is because we enjoinwhat is good and we forbid what is wrongand we believe in Allah if we Muslimsread the quran’ without understandinghow can we enjoin what is good andforbid what is wrong and if we do notenjoin what is good and if we do notforbid what is wrongwe aren’t fit to be called as Muslims wearen’t fit to be called as hello MAso if we want to be called as Haruma ifwe want to be Muslims we have to readthe Quran with understanding so that wecan enjoin what is good and forbid whatis wrong the Arabic word Quran isderived from the Arabic word cara whichmeans book it’s also derived from thearabic word acara which means to readwhich means to recite which means toproclaim how can we proclaim the messageof allah subhanaw taalawithout understanding the message andanother title given to Quran is for conthat is the criteria to judge right fromwrong we can only judgebetween right and wrong if we understandthe message of the Quran withoutunderstanding the mystery of the Quranit’s not possible that we can use theQuran as the firaon as the criteria tojudge between right and wrong

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