If God is ‘Uncreated’, then how can we feel his existence? – Dr Zakir Naik

yeah hi my name is Ahmed I come from theglorious country of Iraq and I’m a bornMuslim my problem is that I practiceIslam on our River first we requestquestions from the non-muslimsonce all the question from non-muslims /inshallah we’ll give you a chance yeahbut I’m talking my problem only it butbut you said you’re a mother you’re aborn Muslim I am born Muslim but now areyou a Muslim or not I’m agnostic alsonow you have left the religion of Islamyeah I’m confused okay fine if you havelevel of Islam you get out of thequestion River okay so my question ishow come I don’t have the faith that youand the other Muslims have and some ofmy friends even though I practiced Islama lot and I even did amaura but I stilldo most of the sins that are forbiddenin Islam and I sometimes I’m lazy to dothe prayer and the other subjects wehave to do in Islam I have read manybooks and about other religions andconspiracy theories and documentariesand such I even have seen your ownvideos in YouTube and there are manyquestions that go around my head aboutAllah and the messenger and Muslims ingeneral and basically the most importantquestion is you said in one of yourdebates or questions that Allah is thecreator and he’s uncreated but I haverealized how can the uncreated existsand if he exists how can we notice himhow can we see him over here him or feelhim or know of his existence his visauncreated in our own dimension or sothat’s one of the questions but thehammer said that he is a born Muslim hecomes from Iraq he read the Quran I hearat the books but he commits many sins hebelieves maybe some time he’s agnosticand he lazy for praying whether before Ianswer I mean question if you do sinsand if you are lazy for praying thatdoes not make your non-muslimas long as you believe that praying afurther sometimes you miss it’s a sinit’s a major thing that you sometimesdon’t pray but that doesn’t make yournon-muslim if you say praying is notrequired then you’re doing goodbut if sometimes you do sin sometime -in some time major sin it is Haramit is forbidden but that does not throwyou outside the fold of Islam there aresometimes verses of the Shaitaan askingyou you’re a Muslim but this is wrong inIslam this is wrong and it does deviatethe person’s mind at that time maybe Iam and maybe low but these things shouldnot make you consider that you arenon-muslim regarding a question that Imentioned in my speech and you’re rightthat Almighty God is the creator but hehimself is uncreated you ask thequestion how can a uncreated how can wesee then created now it’s possible Allahsubhana WA Ta’ala is Halleck is thecreator and by definition he isuncreated because normally people saythat when they try and prove in logicthat everything has a Creator whocreated this table the carpenter fromwhere he got from the tree who createdthe tree so it goes back to Allah sowhen many of the people tried toconvince any thieves they try and saythat everything has a creator and thenthey get trapped when they thieves askedhim who created Allah so if you hear mytapesI never go that way I ask they theiststhat how did you come to know about theuniverse how did you come to know aboutthe functioning of the stars of the Sunand he says and goes back that theCreator so it is vice versa so if youknow how to deal with logic you don’ttrip over this problem with the atheistrap the Muslim of the believers bysaying who created Allah by definitionAllah is uncreated and if you have thequestion who created Allah if you haveheard my tapesthe reply that suppose the person comesand says that member of the John yeah Iknow I saw that I heard that’s funny butI mean how does he exist if he’suncreated not that Ravello mated yeah isbetween you and Allah or do you thinkthis meanshe was existing from he doesn’t have abeginning you and I have a beginningthat human being so that is a differentbreed as an Allah you can say that Ileft to be like us if I live like youand me why should you worship Him I seebut have you heard of the phenomenon theBig Brother used by various orders andpolitical agendas to control the peopleand such by implementing it intomultiple gods and then later on itbecame a monotheistic religions all overthe world to make it easier for thestory i’ve never heard of the Lydian BigBrother it’s not a religion it’s like ana theory an idea basically for exampleyeswhat lived with idea fear what does itsay is that when you have a big brotherit’s easier for it to live life when youhave someone watching you the whole timeunderstanding the whole time protectingyou the whole time being with you thewhole time and you can talk to himalthough he never talks to you backmaybe in your dreams do with your mindand such it’s easier for you to livewhile a human who does not have a bigbrother and it’s not easily controlledinto doing so and having completefreedom is a danger for the major rulingpowers and such what does this say Idon’t understandBig Brother maybe the Big Brother maynot be the door does it what does ithave to do with Islam and God what doesit have to do because basically Allah iswatching it the whole time he you wantto say that less like a big brotherindeed you use him for your protectionso you won’t be scared you know what Imean see this is the hypothesishypothesis if you have heard how do Iconvince an atheist if ever heard myanswer that you said that your agnosticatheist yeah so first thing I do then ittasted I congratulate him what Icongratulate himhave you heard my operative yeah you cancrash lesson and so far I haven’t seenyour debates with the atheist I just sawyour answers on some questions will youhave anything that Dorothy no but I’veseen your debate with David Julian Campoand then Julia Milliken Aditya yeah yeahnow when an atheist tells me he does notbelieve in God like a theory of BigBrother yeah and if you believe in thattheory I will ask you first thing I doto date if I congratulate him you knowwhy yeah because they think and theydon’t follow what their parent does andstuff like that no no I congratulate himbecause he’s not doing blind belief theother people are doing line belief he isa Christian book a father is a Christianhe’s in the group of fathers and do mostof the Muslims are Muslim father theMuslim he’s thinking he says there is noGod he has said the first part of theIslamic Shah Delilah the reason Icongratulate him is because he has saidthe first part of the Islamic ChadhaIslamic Creed la ilaha the only thingyou have to do is illa llah which Ishall do inshallah we have heard myanswer and it just becomes anythingbecause it believes in science hebelieves in logic so I asked him that ifan equipment is bought in front of himwhich no one in the world has ever seenand if the question is asked that whowill be the first person who will beable to tell you the mechanism of thisnew equipment what the answer of courseis greater as a producer as a maker ofthe creator producer maker so when weask him questions that how did thisuniverse come to existence he will talkabout the Big Bang this word going totalk is already mentioned in the Quran49 years ago in Surrey ambi a chapternumber 21 verse number 30Avila mira la cena kafir Oh unlessamaba’ti villar de cosmic nama do notthen believers see that the heavens andthe earth were joined together and wedrove them asunder this what you came toknow 50 years back is mentioned noaround fourteen years ago who could havementioned that well in variouscivilizations in like 2000 or 5000 BCbefore Islam came or Christianity itselfthere was various civilizationsthat are good in astronomy and they knowmore about our solar system than we donowsadly rather rather rather yourknowledge of science is little not indepth I do agree there are certainthings which were known as hypothesesfor example for example we came to knowwe were proved that the earth wasspherical in 1577 I know that in sixthcentury BC there were my target is whobelieved that the earth was sphericalbut the same Pythagoras who believed theearth was spherical also believed thatthe earth was the center of the universewhich is wrong you show me onecivilization which believeshundred-person what the quran hasmentioned I challenge you what you sayso do you mean to say there was a personwho said look at this civilization outof 100 things these two things are right100 thing these five things are rightout of this hundred and pick then choosewho can do that no one besides theCreator even if you know that there wereten different civilizations hundreds ofcivilizations there is not a singlecivilization that you know in the pastwhich knew 100 percent of science whatwe know today so where is your logicwhere is your theory I do know thatcertain things are hypotheses which willprove later on but there is not a singlecivilization which knows everything whatis mentioned in the Quran so the answergoes back to the original question whocould have collected this in the Quransomeone 1400 years back could he do andsay okay all these under thing thesethree are right or these under thingthese two are right out of this is notpossible mathematically is not possiblewell you never gave the idea ofextraterrestrials or soI mean knowledge is power and rather I’masking a simple question we are not comehere to our debate yeah I am asking youa question point out a singlecivilization you’re asking somethingelse yeah we are not here to discuss youcan come in the room and discuss youasked a question I am giving you theanswer you gave about old civilization Itold you I write but out of 100 thing 98they were wrong so I am asking you whogoodin this in the Quran you’re talkingsomething Islam yeah well I’m asking asimple question to political how muchyou are saying I’m telling you 3 x 3 howmuch I’m asking my name you are tellingthat where do you liveyeah I’m asking a simple question nameme a single civilization which haveeverything whatever mentioned in theQuran do you know if any or not yes ornowell not everything of course even not10% why babylon knows of so most of theplanets and such planet is not the onlything mentioned in the quran there arethousand thing mentioned in the quran tosay what thousand things are mentionedin the quran 10 percent will be equal to100 things did babylonian civilizationknew about hundreds we mention in thefront no because they’re not as on emufive or six things in percentage-wisevery small so course who can be theauthor of the Quran besides the Creatorto know what is right what is wrongtoday science has established thehypothesis mentioned by Babylonian somany centuries back is today proven sothese are hypotheses in the past whichout of them many have been rejected somehave been accepted so to collect allwhich is 100% correct has to be from theCreator and no one elsehope them says the question yeah

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