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Man waits for time but time does not wait for anyone. So, to keep pace with time, you can obtain topmost real experience logically iron GuruttoPurno.com. Because, we disclose the realistic content for you argumentatively on the basis of true event so that you can achieve real education with logic beside textbook. Remember, book is the closest friend to man and reality is the oxygen. The importance of both textbook and reality is cent percent in a man’s life. But we give importance only to the textbook. For this, the rate of literacy is increasing but success is deteriorating. Because, it is impossible to attain success without textbook and reality. Only through textbook education or only through real education or only through a single education, in one word, it is not possible to build up a standard life.

We know proper-education is the backbone of a nation and reality is the essence of a nation. This real education of reality is not found in a textbook and will never be found. Because, the other name of reality is life. The thing good or bad happened in the lives of all people is reality. And to earn knowledge and education from any incident good or bad happening in a man’s life is real education. But reality is divided into two-learning thyself and learning from others.

  1. Learning thyself: In this world, there is hardly any school, college and university to impart real education. Because, reality is tough enough to be conquered. For this, more than 95% people learn real education thyself. To learn thyself is very dangerous for every man. Because, its consequence is of two types-success & failure.
  2. To learn from others: To publish any book collecting real stories from men of this earth is challenging. Because, the other name of reality is life. for this, it is not possible to earn much more real knowledge and education seeing from others. You can learn as much as you get from happenings around you. But to learn from others is very good for every man. Because, it doesn’t have any failing trait.

N.B: Reality will never leave you despite your intention to leave it. For this, to secure real knowledge and education is the best experience of yours.

We reveal the best and real stories argumentatively from the people of the globe for you so that you can gather different real knowledge and education with success & failure observing others. It will be the topmost experience of GuruttoPurno.com for you. Dear male & female readers, brothers, sisters and friends, build up your life nicely through attaining real knowledge & education rationally & do stay with us.

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