Excuses for not Reading the Quran with Understanding – Dr Zakir Naik

let’s analyze today the various excusesgiven by us Muslims for not reading theQuran misunderstanding the most commonexcuseswe do not know Arabic as a languagetoday the world population approximately6 billion and about 20-25 percent of theworld population are Muslim about 1.3 to1.5 billion Muslims are there in theworld and out of the Muslim populationapproximately 15 percent are Arabs andthere are very few non Arabs whounderstand Arabic as language so amongstthe Muslim population more than 80% ofthe Muslims they don’t understand Arabicas a language so the most common excusethat you Muslims have not to read theQuran as the understanding is we do notknow Arabic as a language when a humanbeing is born he does not know anylanguage the child he initially learnsthe mother tongue so that he canconverse with the family members lateron he may learn the language of thesociety so that he could communicatewith the people around him he may learnthe language in which he is educatedalmost all the human beings they atleast know 2 or 3 different languagessome no three to five languages some alinguists but most of the human beingsalmost all they at least know two tothree different languagesisn’t it a requirement that we shouldknow the language in which our CreatorAllah subhana WA Ta’ala has revealed hislast and final message the gloriousquran isn’t it a must that we muslimsshould learn arabic as language tounderstand the quranI know that it is much easier for aperson to learn a language duringchildhood but age is never a barrier toprevent any human being from doing anygood work and that reminds me of theexample of dr. Morris Pakal many of youmay be aware that dr. Morris book L wasa very famous surgeon and scientist whowas given the French Academy Award inmedicine and dr. Morris book L he wasselected for doing research on the mummyof man Opta that is the mummy of thebody of pharaoh who was there at thetime of moses peace be upon him which ismentioned in the Bible and after he didresearch on this mummy of mengapa whichwas found in the value of Kings he beinga Christian he was aware of thebackground mention of Moses peace beupon him in the Bible and he was awarethat the Pharaoh at the time of Mosespeace be upon him when he followed Mosespeace be upon him any party they see andwhen he followed him they see again cameback to normal and the Pharaoh haddrowned but when he went to Saudi Arabiathere he learned that the Muslims toldhim that the Quran already mentioned insurah younus chapter number 10 wascommunity – that Allah says which hassaved the body of the Pharaoh as a signfor posteritydr. Morris book L he was shocked thathow does this book the glorious Quran1400 years back says that Almighty Godwill save the body of Pharaoh as a signfor posterity as a sign for humankindand they did not mention the Bible sothat instigated him to read thetranslations of Quran and after it readthe translations of Quran he was so muchinspired that he wanted to understandthe Quran better so at the age of 50he learned Arabic as language tounderstand the quran’ better imagine anon-muslim a Christian to understand thequran better he learns Arabic aslanguage and after he does research hesays that the scientific pointsmentioned in the Quran are in perfectconformity with what modern science anddiscovered and unfortunately there aremany things in the Bible which do notconform with modern science and afterrefer the research he writes a book theBible the Quran and science which becamevery famous the point to be noted hereis imagine a person of the age of 50being a non-muslim being a Christian tounderstand the Quran better he learnsArabic as a language so we Muslims thebest excuse we have is that we don’tknow Arabic as a language I do notexpect every Muslim to be asenthusiastic as dr. Morris book I’llthat they’d like to learn Arabic at theage of 50 but even if a Muslim does notknow Arabic as a language yet he has gotno excuse because he can yet read thetranslation of the Quran and ahamdulillah the Quran has beentranslated into most of the majorlanguages of the worldMaulana Abdul Majeed area body says theQuran is the most untranslatable book inthe world the language of the Quran isso pure it is divineit is Noble it is unfair possible it isintelligible and that is the reason itmakes Quran the most difficult book totranslate not only does it make it themost difficult book to translate in factit is a book which is impossible totranslate yet alhamdulillahthere are many scholars who have spentseveral years who has spent decades indoing research and have translated theGuru’s Quran into most of the majorlanguages of the world even though Iagree that no translation is hundredpercent perfect because a translation isa human handiwork and the Arabic Quranis the word of Almighty God the Creatorbut in spite of that these translationsat least they let us understand thebasic message of the Quran the basicmessage of our Creator Allah subhana WATa’ala

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