Dr Zakir Naik – Why is Homosexuality condemned in Islam?

I’m in doubt on homosexuality Alec is itRoja bidded in Islam and why so becauselike I had like from the past five yearsI’ve been with so many homosexuals it’slike I mean their feelings that theyhave for their for the same sex orwhatever it is it’s so true I mean it’slike the same kind of pain what we mightfeel for for maybe our husbands orwhoever it is if it’s wrong why is itwrong this was the question that whatdoes Islam say about homosexuality andif it is wrong why it is wrongAllah says in the Quran in surah surahchapter number 17 was coming 32 thatcome not close to adultery for adulterythen evil opening other routes to evilbesides that Allah says in surah Arafchapter number 7 that telling to menthat do you practice your lust after menin preference to womenthat means homosexuality is prohibitedin Islam in the Quran because AlmightyGod made the human beings Allah says inthe Quran in surah room chapter number30 verse number 21 that he has put lovebetween the hearts of husband and wifeone mighty God has made the human beingin such a way that they love theopposite sexgenerally naturally no human being lovesthe same sex I am talking about the lovewhich is requiring husband and wife notthe platonic love which you have betweenyour brothers and pit in your sistersnow initially there was a research whichsaid that homosexuality is geneticso during question-answer time somebodyasked me the way you asking ifhomosexuality is genetic then how isthat you mean me to blame it came fromhis parentsso why he to blame like you’re saying ifsomeone loves someone else so why shouldhe be blameI said this is a research this ishypothesis it’s not a fact and later onwe came to know that this hypothesis waswrong and the person who propounded thishypothesis he himself was homosexual soMoses child is not geneticit comes today science tells us how dohomosexuals evolve because what AlmightyGod has given permission for a humanbeing what’s permitted you get marrieddo nikka you can have sex with your wifeand Islam says that while doing havingsex with your wife is also worshipingAllah because you are preventing theHaramyou are not going outside the maritalbond to satisfy your urges that’s Islamtoday science tells us today researchtells us that those people who havemultiple life partners outside themarriage bond as compared to those whoonly have with these pulses they enjoythe sexual life much better than theothers and what happens today when youget tired with it you go to the Westerncountries you have mistresses by 10 20no problemyou start then doing unnatural thingswhen you start doing unnatural thingsyou don’t follow the law of the Creatorand you try and satisfy your urges inthe wrong way the moment you keep ondoing the wrong way then you keep ongoing beyond what is natural and that’show the person becomes Lama section itis not genetic because you go beyond thelimits what Almighty God has permittedyou you try other things you tryunnatural things and find you land up bysaying you do no longer enjoy having sexwith the opposite sexso you have sex with the same sex sosister because they have broken the lawof Almighty God anddo unrighteous things that’s howpsychologically they become homosexualso but naturally if you break the law ofAlmighty God that’s totally wrong andthat’s how it lands the purpose in mehomosexual so they are to blame andIslam prohibits homosexuality evenChristianity prohibit homosexuality mostof the religions against homosexualsit’s now the Western countries I saybecause in democracywhatever majority says you win majoritywins in Islam majority doesn’t mean duckwins the truth wins I remember when Ihad gone to Canada in 1996 the firsttime I went to give a lecture in thefront page I saw a man kissing a man aman kissing a man and it says that theyhave married each other today in Westerncountries if I speak againsthomosexuality it’s a crime it’s a crimeso what we realize that previouslypreviously all the countrieshomosexuality was a crime then someWestern countries like Canada gave legalsanction to it today most of the Westerncountries homosexuality is legal evenIndia the country where I come from theyare thinking that thinking to make itlegal so what we realize what is truthis truthmajority doesn’t win what is wrong iswrong and in Islam and most of the majorregion of the world homosexuality is asin it’s a crime it will not take you toheaven will take you to hell hope thatreservation systemEnglish (auto-generated)

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