Dr Zakir Naik on Corona Virus

let us understand what is the meaning ofthe word lockdown lockdown means asituation where people are not allowedto leave or enter a particular buildingor a promise or a complex or a city oran area due to an emergency theemergency can be if there’s a bomb scarein the school so no allowed to leave orenter the school they can be right theycan be war but todaymajority of the world more than 50% ofthe countries in the world they areunder lockdown and the reason is becauseof Corbett 19 coronavirus disease 19 orcoronavirus disease 2019 and I’vereceived hundreds and thousands ofquestions on the social media especiallyon the Facebook that why is dr zakirnaik silent as far as the issue ofkoruna virus is concerned it’s more thana few months it’s more than three monthssince they she was there and today wesee every Tom Dick and Harry everysecond person is talking aboutcoronavirus so why dr. zakir naik silentand I have two reasons why I silent andI breaking the silence today number onetoday the world has become a globalvillage and especially because of thesocial media you have a lot ofinformation and a large portion of itwhich is either fake or is it false newsand we find today every second personwhether Muslim or non-muslim iscommenting or coronal virus and becauseof the fake news on the social mediaabout coronavirus of what covered 19 andabout the fake news that’s been made bydifferent people it’s causing more harmthan good so I didn’t wanted to add toit I will give you a few examples in themonth of January 2020 the video clips mymade by some people showingthe Chinese being affected by theforward 19 and they’re barking like dogsthey behaving like animals I’m being adoctor I know this is not true becausethe covered 19 does not affect the brainit affects the respiratory system sothese were fake videos of videosrecorded during other times andattributing it to corner virus or kravid19 there’s one person who is giving thetreatment for one hour I think you haveonion and he gives the basic descriptionin detail how should the onion we cuthow you should eat it and he said within20 minutes the corner virus will bekilled in your complete body and youwill have negative testing all these arenonsense and causing more damage thangoodto humanity I’ll give one more examplethere’s a person who’s trying to be verylogical and it shows on the video on thedebt all bottle it’s mentioned that thisdat all it kills score no virus anythingfee the manufacturing date is 2019 thatmeans at all which was made in UK theyknew in advance that corner virus isgoing to spread in 2020 they made thisdat all before that to kill that meanseverything is planted this is nonsensethe person is the fool he doesn’t knowthe basics of corner virus becausecorner virus was discovered in 1930 swhat we have today is covered 19 it’sone species of corner virus so that’sthe reason we have to be careful wedon’t have to unnecessarily pick up newsfrom the media from the social mediafrom the news and repeated withoutverifying it and I’m shocked I’m shockedthat even many dies many who are popularsome of them have been my students theyare talking about the treatment of foramok of corner virus number one whenthey say corona virus it is not the sameas covered 19 covered 19 is one type ofcorner virus which I speak later oninshallah and big if solution eventhough I am shocked you mean solution ofwhat corner virusto treat covered 19 which is not thespeciality and the email speaking aboutIslamic aspects which is not the fieldmost of us that is we are not focuswe are not pushed ahead and their givinginstruction or not to do something whichis further let the focus do that let themush they do that ad I cannot andimagine if you’re wrong what will happenbecause our beloved portion of Salahswim said that while giving fatwa if youare pala fide if you give a right foot Iwill get double Salah if you give thewrong opinion wrong Fatima yet you get asingle Saba but if you are talking aboutmedical aspect which is not your fieldwhether right or wrong you areresponsible for the damage cost it iswrong because today very few people inthe world know about the details ofHoward 19 even either medical doctor I’mnot qualified to speak on covered 19there are few people like neurologistlike him neurologist those werespecialized in epidemics was specializedon virus a small section of the medicalfield they are qualified so how can addI just read a newspaper and repeatedwithout verifying even if it turns outto be right later on you will beresponsiblesimilarly giving fatwa is not our scopelet the focus do that that was one ofthe reason that I did not speak aboutcovered 19 but sin if the peoplerequested me thousands of them and allthe requests were talking aboutcoronavirus I will speak a couple ofminutes on coronavirus to show you thedifference to give informationcoronavirus people know about cornerwifeís virus since decades let me tellyou that the horner virus have gotvarious species there are about 20species of corona virus and most ofthese species of corona virus do notaffect the human beings so when they saycorner where is this damage actuallythey give misinformation most of thecorner virus does not cause damage tothe human beings there are five speciesthere are eight species which cause aproblemfive of the species cause a very minimalproblem to the human beings there arethree species which really aredetrimental and cause a great damage tohuman beings if you read the coronavirus was first discovered in animals in1930s it was first discovered inchickenswhich caused a respiratory tractinfection in the chickens later on in1940’sit was found in Mouse and in human meansthe first time it was found was in 1960sand was called human karana virus andthe first time the word humancoronavirus came in the print media wasin 1968 as I mentioned out to the 20species out of the 20 species availableof corno virus only eight affect thehuman beings five are very mild anddoesn’t cause a major problem with humanmeans the three are detrimental numberone is the SARS coronavirus SAS issevere acute respiratory syndromeif a RS coronavirus CoV this mainlyspread in the world in radicularpandemic in 2003 it started in 2002 inChina it mainly spent in 2003 and 2005was a 2004 was the lice last that lastthat it was seen so SARS coronavirusmerely spent 2003 started in 2002 and in2004 after that wasn’t seen it wasmainly a respiratory tract symptoms thescene it was declared as a pandemic bythe whu-oh and the second oneis mirth Middle East respiratorysyndrome coronavirus this Middle Eastrespiratory syndrome it’s spread in 2012and it affected about 2494 people in theworld and about 858 people died becauseof MERS it’s spread in about 24countries and yet the keeping a track aslate as the end of 2019 the report saidthere were two thousand four hundredninety four cases in the full worldoverall these about ten years and itkilled 858 human beings that means amortality at that rate of thirty fourpoint four percent we’re a fastcoronavirus it had infected eightthousand and ninety eight people in theworld and killed seven hundred seventyfour people less than ten percent deathrate that is nine point five fivepercent death rate recently a few monthsago came the third corner virus specieswhich was very deadly for the humanbeings and that was covered nineteencorona virus disease 2019 also called asSAS co2 that is severe acute respiratorysyndrome coronavirusto this was first came into existenceand notified to the whu-oh was in theend of December 2019 and the infectionstarted a couple of months some sayNovember some sect over some say earlierin 2019what I gave information is aboutcoronavirus which is there and you canit is already established informationyou can go to any medical journal anymedical site and the information wassomewhat similar copied 19 coronavirus2019 disease it is new we aren’t awareof the details there is no establishedtreatment for it yet then I referredshe’s been done so if the medicalfraternity who was specialized in thefield if they give the comments is okbut every Tom Dick and Harry talkingabout the treatment talking about to totake care about it and the dies doing itis not our field even if it turned outto be right tomorrow out of flow thatdoesn’t mean what we did is that becauseQuran clearly mentioned in surah hoodyou write a chapter 49 verse number 6when you get the information you checkit up check its reliability so if themedical experts themselves don’t knowthe authenticity how can we talk aboutit that was the reason I kept silent onthis issue and now order spoken is oncoronavirus which is not covered 19 itis it the family is the corona viruswhat I can tell you about covered 19that as of today if you read the whu-ohit gives the case one year one daybeforeaccording to whe report which I read afew hours before as of yesterday 24th ofApril to CESD2:00 a.m. CST time zone there were 2point 6 3 million people infected allover the world of which 180 2,100 diedbut when I referred to the worldohmmeter which give the update everyminute as of today that one day laterthan the society I quoted off whu-oh asof today the 24th of April 2020 158 GMB158 a.m. or 1 0 1 5 8 hours GMT 2.8 3million people all over the world wereinfected and more than approximately 185countriesand 197 thousand two hundred andforty-five people died and if wecalculate the percentage it comes to sixpoint nine seven percent death rate Idon’t say this is accurate one becauseyou know there are tens of thousandshundreds of thousands maybe millions ofthem met infected by the carbon 19 andbecause they have not been tested andmost of them are asymptomatic if youcome to know the actual number of peopleinfected will be much higher so thatthey’d also but naturally come lower sothis was a brief information about thecarbon 19 and for the people who takecare we’re talking about coronavirusabout Kobe 19 let us understand and tryand find out what is mentioned in thefield of the Prophet and the Sabbathabout the epidemic diseases our belovedprophet musa alehsalaam it’s mentionedin say Buhari wine number sevenhadith number five thousand sevenhundred eight our preferable solutionsaid that when you hear news of thebreak of a plague in a land do not enterthat land and if in the place way ofstaying a plague breaks out do not leavethat place the same method is repeatedin say Bihari one number seven hadithnumber 5729 Allah has messenger peace beupon him said that when you heard abouta break of the plague in the land notenter the land and if in the countryyou’re staying a plague breaks out donot go out of that country not exit thatcountry a similar method is alsorepeated till say Bihari or number sevenhadith number five thousand sevenhundred andt moon solar solemn said that when youhear of the news of a breakof a plague in a place not enter theplace and where you stay if a plaguebreaks out do not run away from thatplace and there are very effective ingiving us a little bit of similar thingwhat we have in the lockdown that do notinfect others by going out of your placeand do not get infected by entering aplace in wind epidemic is there it’salso mentioned side Buhari in one numberseven hadith number five thousand sevenhundred seven that a beloved prophetmusa alehsalaam said that run away fromaleppo like you run away from a lion youknow because leprosy is contagious soyou didn’t have to come close to it youhave to stay away far from itgiving a verse today the medicalfraternity tells us was already advisedwas by a prophet 14 years agoit’s also mentioned in Ferdinand evenimagine a wall in number fourhadith number three five four four thatwhen a group of people came to take Mayacame to give allegiance to the Prophetone of them were the left for one ofthem was a leper so the prophet send amessage to the man that go back and yourbuyer has been accepted your legionshave been accepted and this Varma hadithis a Biharione number seven hadith number 5730 forthe holidays are malleable visitor neverheard the Prophet he said that theMessenger of Allah peace be upon himsaid that the plague was sent as apunishment may Allah subhana WA Ta’alaon the people who he wanted to send butfor the believers it is a blessing andif a believers stays in the land whichis infected by playing having faith inAllah and believing that nothing willbefall him except what Allah hasordained and Allah says that such peopledie they will be given the status of amartyr that means that Kiev a persondied the muslim believing in a las manosAllahhaving faith that what Allah does thiscorrectly ordained for him and notfearing anything else if he died he’llbe called as a martyr and we get the sumup of a matter this is the guidance thatwe get from the hadith

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