Alhamdulillah! A Christian woman accepts Islam – Dr Zakir Naik

my name is Florida I’m a Christian and Ihave followed all your talks and Ireally admire listening to you regardingyou know I’m in comparison betweenChristianity and Islam it’s my pleasureto ask you a question actually a whileago it was asked regarding the judgementthey are the second comingI believe that Christian and Muslimbelieve on that and what religion arepreparing on the Judgment Day I have afriend with a Muslim and he always toldme that I’ll be safe in Islam now Iwanted to ask you what’s the differencebetween you know preparation ofChristian and the Muslims to be safe inthe second life and how you willencourage me to embrace Islam sister thedifference between a Muslim and aChristian preparing for the secondcoming of Jesus Christ peace be upon himand the day of judgment is the Christianis waiting for Jesus Christ peace beupon him as Almighty God to come weMuslims are waiting that he will comeand clarify that he’s not God he willcome and follow the commandments ofmamasa loss column because Jesus guysaid in the Gospel of John chapternumber 16 verse number 12 to 14 I havemany things to say unto you but hecannot bear them now for he when theSpirit of Truth shall come he shallguide you into all truthso Jesus Chi said about the coming ofMessala solemn so if I have to help youI will tell that follows the teaching ofJesus Christ peace be upon him andbelieve in Prophet Muhammad peace beupon him only if you believe in ProphetMuhammad peace be upon him will you besaved on the day of judgment so to helpyou I would say that besides believe inAlmighty God you have to believe thatJesus is a Messenger of God and you alsohave to believe that Prophet Muhammadpeace be upon the messenger of godsister sister do you believe that thereis one god yes do you believe Jesus isGod ie a messenger messengerdo you believe prophet mohammed salahsolomon’s messengerso that means our muslim sister wouldyou like to say it in Arabic yes I justrepeat the kalman Arabic and againrepeated I study I still do I should doa la la la la la la la watch I dowhy should I know muhammadan abduhu whata fool ooh I bear witnessI bear witness I bear witness bearwitness dad dad there is no God there isno god but Allah but Allah and I bearwitness and I bury this that thatProphet Muhammad is His Messenger ismessage and servant of God and servantof God and servant of God Masha AllahAllah Allah sister may Allah reward youmal except efforts and inshallahinshallah I pray to Allah subhana Allahthat may he save you from the Hellfireand make antigen on the day of judgmentinshallah

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