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About GuruttoPurno

Our aim is to award content to every man and make them face reality so that they can receive true education to lead their life and can build themselves up properly. And they can enjoy a life with tension free, want free, sound health and sound mind through survival by attaining knowledge and education and facing any condition, circumstances and environment.

We do believe that knowledge and learning of all men are not equal in this world. Hence, human beings commit lot of mistakes minor or major unknowingly. Sometimes these mistakes get so horrible that no apology or solution to these mistakes is found out. It is merely said that these mistakes are no longer committed by any other man of the world and this is true. Because, man is not born with knowledge and education. After being born a man has to attain knowledge and education. As knowledge and education of all men are not the same. Some people will commit mistakes and its natural. So, all of us should not ruin our lives making errors. Rather we should take take lesson from error. Because, some errors are neither forgiven nor solved.

We do further believe that success is the key to good luck and failure is the cause of devastation. This is why all want to attain success but cant. Remember, from birth every man grows up amidst success & failure. Therefore, you will have to take decision yourself from your experience. It is merely expressed “look before you leak” and it’s true. Because, there is no end of education and the period of acquiring education ranges from birth to death. Success can probably be earned only through merit and hard work. So, you should take decision about whether you would do it or not receiving education from success & failure. The reason is that some failures break down the backbone of man.

We do also believe that man’s life consists of various petty and great problems and due to those problems man can not be cent percent happy. You can come across many relatives, neighbours and friends in your way of life but all the well-wishers will run away when you will fall in danger. It can sheerly be told, most of the people of this nice world are selfish and it is a fact. Because, man has conquered the world through making impossible possible but could not win his own life. So, men of the society don’t think a little bit to do harm to others to keep themselves good. For this reason, through solving any problem, to gain happiness and peace in life is more difficult task than to conquer the world. Because some problems make a man beheaded.

Our mission is to present knowledge distinguishing between good and evil to each and every man through publishing realistic content logistically following true incident so that they can select the right way of leading life acquiring real knowledge and education rationally and can uphold themselves across the globe forming history through doing something good.

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