dr. Zakia I would call upon you toresolve one of the most common disputesin the Muslim Ummahduring the month of Ramadan regardingthe number of rocket that are prayed inthe taraweeh or the qiyamah Lael or thenight prayer is it eight or should it betwenty our beloved Prophet Sunnah fromsaid it’s mushy inside Buhari why I’mnumber one in the Box Allahhow did number 472 he said that anyperson asked that how should you offerthe camel el the Prophet said that heshould offer camel el in pure heartfollowed by 2 rakaat followed by 2rakaat followed by 2 rocket and so onand when he feels that dawn isapproaching should have undergone so allthe records become wither become oddthat means you can pay as many as youwish later on have one number not numberso that everything becomes odd so as faras the number of Rajas a concern you canpray as many as you wish but as far asthe practice of masala Salim to concernjust mentioned in say Bihari one numbertwo in the book of tahajud adit numberone one four seven the hell I shall mayAllah be pleased with her chief is thatthe Prophet while offering family inRamadan used to always offer eleven theheartnot more than lemon rocket and this isto do even other months that means eightrocket of Campbell L and T rakaat offitter so it becomes late + 3 11 Ahadand there are various other Hadid wouldalways say that all that did that wefind of the prophets or a sermon thatwill say Buharisay Muslim all of them said the Rivieracard or this 11 lakh at 11:00 includeseight plus three and further the samehadith of say Bihari volume number twoin the book of Titan is number one onefour seven hell – I mean like precedesher when she says the Prophet alwaysoffered lavender hot in Amnon and evenother times and she said that he was tooffer for Ahad and I cannot narrate toyou the time the beauty and the lengthon these no cut and it’s true againoffer for a hat and I cannot relate toyou the beauty and the length of thisfor a hat and then if draw for three ahanegating eight plus threebut if you read the practice of theSalafists all him of a predecessor ofthe Saba as the table I mean tabathabrain we find from records that theyplayed lemon dekat some pretty thirteensome pretty nineteen some pay twentythree some paid thirty six some paidthree named occurs also and it freed theson of a bitch ever worry number twopage number 165 166 it says that theturbine when they offered the camel alein Ramadan which is known as the Ravithere 420 rahat someplace it says thattheir fertile istic circa so as far asthe records are concerned as the prophetthe call the commander of the Prophetwas the tree – rocket rocket rocketrocket as much as which then one andnever mention earlier in Sabre Harihoney number 472 Mach number one you canread as many cars as you want in – two -and then one but if you want to followthe Sunnah of the Prophet the Prophetalways offered eight Ricard plus threeso what is permissible as many as youwish810 2036 no problem and then followed bythree wither but the Prophet offered 8 +3 11 but we can offer as many as youwish

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